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05-Jan-2016 Cheshire & Warrington Growth Hub
23-Dec-2015 Alcium Christmas Office Hours
22-Dec-2015 James A Baker Rebrand & Website Design
21-Dec-2015 Making Moves implement Agency Pilot
04-Dec-2015 Breakey & Nuttall implement Agency Pilot
01-Dec-2015 Andrew & Ashwell's website goes live
03-Nov-2015 Flude Commercial implement Agency Pilot
28-Oct-2015 Coventry & Warwickshire LEP implement Evolutive
15-Oct-2015 GBSLEP Growth Hub Launch
15-Oct-2015 HTA Real Estate go live with Agency Pilot
08-Oct-2015 McConnells go live with Agency Pilot
28-Sep-2015 BEST Growth Hub implements Evolutive
08-Sep-2015 Colston & Colston implement Agency Pilot
20-Aug-2015 Altus Edwin Hill Property Search Portal
21-Jul-2015 Hallams go live with Agency Pilot
01-Jul-2015 Underwoods implement Agency Pilot
26-Jun-2015 Wirral Chamber of Commerce implement Evolutive
22-Jun-2015 Deriaz Slater go live with Agency Pilot
03-Jun-2015 Stratton Creber Commercial implement Agency Pilot
01-May-2015 Walker Singleton goes live with Agency Pilot
23-Apr-2015 Website launch: Be Central Bedfordshire
17-Apr-2015 Alcium Software Contact Details Changed
17-Apr-2015 Alcium Software Contact Details Have Changed
17-Apr-2015 Alcium Software Contact Details Have Changed
25-Mar-2015 Swale Borough Council implement Evolutive
20-Mar-2015 GJS Dillon implement Agency Pilot
17-Mar-2015 Merrifields' website goes live
10-Feb-2015 Bartle Pye implement Agency Pilot
28-Jan-2015 New look login page for Evolutive
27-Jan-2015 BT roll out Evolutive for Superfast Broadband
07-Jan-2015 Legat Owen go live with Agency Pilot
02-Jan-2015 Hurstwood implement Agency Pilot
22-Dec-2014 Alcium Christmas Office Hours
11-Nov-2014 WT Gunson implement Agency Pilot
29-Oct-2014 Smith Young Real Estate choose Agency Pilot
23-Oct-2014 Evolutive used by Manchester's Business Growth Hub
20-Oct-2014 Stimpsons Eves go live with Agency Pilot
17-Oct-2014 Evolutive chosen by Goodwin Development Trust
08-Oct-2014 Leeds and Partners employ Evolutive
06-Oct-2014 TDB Real Estate implement Agency Pilot
03-Oct-2014 Expanded use of Evolutive across North Wales
26-Sep-2014 RiDO select Evolutive
18-Aug-2014 London Clancy choose Agency Pilot
28-Jul-2014 Astleys go live with Agency Pilot
01-Jul-2014 Southend-on-Sea BC implement Evolutive
12-Jun-2014 Oxfordshire expand use of Evolutive
04-Jun-2014 North Yorkshire LEP launch new property search
30-May-2014 CPP choose Agency Pilot
05-May-2014 Solihull for Success design and integration
02-May-2014 Agency Pilot - New Release
16-Apr-2014 Clark Weightman goes live
09-Apr-2014 Growing Corby implements Evolutive
07-Apr-2014 Evolutive chosen for Torbay's Growth Fund
18-Mar-2014 Hull City Council & Humber LEP choose Evolutive
11-Mar-2014 Evolutive for Kirklees' Head Start Programme
10-Mar-2014 Begbies Traynor Group Accelerated Property Sales
05-Mar-2014 LLEP implement Evolutive for RGF Round 4
03-Mar-2014 Leicester & Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership
26-Feb-2014 Smiths Barnsley implement Agency Pilot
12-Feb-2014 Evolutive chosen in Walsall MBC tender
10-Feb-2014 Kent County Council's Escalate
31-Jan-2014 Buckinghamshire Business First elect Evolutive
30-Jan-2014 Robinson & Hall LLP choose Agency Pilot
03-Jan-2014 Bonsors implement Agency Pilot
23-Dec-2013 Alcium Christmas Office Hours
23-Dec-2013 Christmas Office Hours
23-Dec-2013 Christmas Office Hours.
09-Dec-2013 Chesterfield Borough Council
13-Nov-2013 Keygrove choose Agency Pilot
08-Nov-2013 Halls Holdings Choose Agency Pilot
30-Oct-2013 Kent County Council Marsh Million
24-Oct-2013 Welsh Government
17-Oct-2013 Stirling Ackroyd choose Agency Pilot
10-Oct-2013 Quintons web site goes live
03-Oct-2013 Vokins Implement Agency Pilot
02-Oct-2013 Featherstone Leigh implement Agency Pilot
26-Sep-2013 Kalmars Implement Agency Pilot
25-Sep-2013 Quintons implement Agency Pilot
24-Sep-2013 Burston Cook choose Agency Pilot
23-Sep-2013 Leicester City Council
19-Sep-2013 Richard Susskind & Co implement Agency Pilot
16-Sep-2013 Wrexham County Borough Council
04-Sep-2013 Nolan Redshaw choose Agency Pilot
14-Aug-2013 James A Baker implement Agency Pilot
29-Jul-2013 Northampton Borough Council
26-Jul-2013 Locate East Sussex
24-Jul-2013 South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership
17-Jul-2013 Pattinsons Commercial implement Agency Pilot
08-Jul-2013 Naylors implement Agency in the North East
24-Jun-2013 Bidwells implement Agency Pilot
16-Jun-2013 Alcium develop new website for APB
11-Jun-2013 Hammond Surveyors LLP install Agency Pilot
29-May-2013 Januarys implement Agency
23-May-2013 Whybrow implement Agency
16-May-2013 Clifford Dann implement Agency
15-May-2013 Caxtons Upgrade to Web Edition
07-May-2013 Alcium Software retain Investors in People
02-May-2013 Brown & Lee Milton Keynes implement Agency Pilot
24-Apr-2013 APB Leicester implement Agency
23-Apr-2013 Clark Weightman implement Agency
17-Apr-2013 Alcium develop new website for Strettons
16-Apr-2013 Strutt & Parker implement Agency Pilot
15-Apr-2013 Leicester & Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership
11-Apr-2013 BT Business Support Programme (ERDF Project)
04-Apr-2013 Kent County Council (TIGER RGF Project)
15-Mar-2013 Britain’s Energy Coast Cumbria
12-Mar-2013 Brown & Lee Stevenage implement Agency
05-Mar-2013 Pearson Ferrier implement Agency
28-Feb-2013 BB&J Commercial implement Agency
25-Feb-2013 Is it time to upgrade your existing software?
10-Jan-2013 Parkinson CPC implement Agency
04-Jan-2013 p3 Property Consultants upgrade to Web Edition
02-Jan-2013 Lancashire Business Growth Hub
18-Dec-2012 Spencer Evans Implement Agency Pilot
17-Dec-2012 S.E. Wales Joint Employment Land Availability
12-Dec-2012 Campbell Gordon Implement Agency Pilot
06-Dec-2012 Alcium Develop New Website for Mather Jamie
03-Dec-2012 Prop-Search Implement Agency Pilot
03-Dec-2012 Green Port Growth Project
27-Nov-2012 Sibbett Gregory Upgrade to Web Edition
20-Nov-2012 Bruton Knowles Implement Agency Pilot
15-Nov-2012 Suffolk County Council choose Evolutive
07-Nov-2012 Mather Jamie Implement Agency Pilot
24-Oct-2012 Alcium launch new version of Web Pilot CMS
22-Oct-2012 Alcium welcomes new Graduates
01-Oct-2012 Alcium Software get a fresh new image with rebrand
04-Sep-2012 Stiles Harold Williams Implement Agency Pilot
01-Jul-2012 Louch Shacklock & Partners implement Agency Pilot
30-May-2012 Barker Storey Matthews implement Agency
25-May-2012 Harrisons New Property Search & Web Provider
18-May-2012 Kent CC implement Evolutive & RGF Application
17-May-2012 Oxfordshire County Council Implement Evolutive
16-May-2012 DE & J Levy choose Agency Pilot
15-May-2012 Hindwoods upgrade to Web Edition
04-May-2012 Alcium Receives Positive Feedback
04-May-2012 Flintshire County Council choose Evolutive
23-Mar-2012 Robinson Layer roll out Agency Pilot
23-Mar-2012 Glenny launch Development Microsites
22-Mar-2012 Arnolds choose Agency Pilot
07-Mar-2012 Bradford Metropolitan Council upgrade Evolutive
06-Mar-2012 North Yorkshire LEP launch new & expanded system
02-Mar-2012 Cumbria Implement Property Data Collection Service
29-Feb-2012 Carmarthenshire CC upgrade Evolutive
29-Feb-2012 Alcium Develop New Website for Glenny LLP
27-Feb-2012 Rushton Hickman implement Agency Pilot Web Edition
22-Feb-2012 Kirklees MBC Implement Evolutive
19-Feb-2012 Forward Swindon implement Evolutive
16-Feb-2012 Scarborough Borough Council Implement Evolutive
15-Feb-2012 Glenny Website re-design
09-Feb-2012 Exeter City Council Implement Evolutive
07-Feb-2012 Wycombe Implement Property Web Integration
31-Jan-2012 Land Commercial implement Agency Pilot
25-Jan-2012 Norfolk CC Property Data Collective Service
24-Jan-2012 Garness Jones implement Agency Pilot
19-Jan-2012 Harrisons implement Agency Pilot
12-Jan-2012 Fitton Estates implement Agency Pilot
12-Jan-2012 North Rae Sanders launch New Web Search
03-Jan-2012 Holloway Iliffe Mitchell implement Agency Pilot
21-Dec-2011 Strettons implement Agency Pilot
14-Dec-2011 Cooper Tanner implement Agency Pilot
30-Nov-2011 Calderdale MBC Implement Evolutive
22-Nov-2011 Merrifields implement Agency Pilot
16-Nov-2011 SBC implement Agency Pilot
15-Nov-2011 Herefordshire Council upgrade Evolutive
08-Nov-2011 Brinsons Upgrade to Web Edition
24-Oct-2011 Cushman & Wakefield office teams roll-out
18-Oct-2011 Barnsley Development Agency upgrade Evolutive
17-Oct-2011 Staffordshire EBP implement Evolutive
13-Oct-2011 Canterbury City Council upgrade Evolutive
10-Oct-2011 North Lincolnshire upgrade Evolutive
06-Oct-2011 Welsh Government upgrade Evolutive
03-Oct-2011 LLEP Implement Evolutive
03-Oct-2011 PPH Commercial launch new web site
29-Sep-2011 SMC Chartered Surveyors Upgrade to Web Edition
27-Sep-2011 Vickers Carnley Upgrade to Web Edition
13-Sep-2011 John Payne Commercial implement Agency Pilot
08-Sep-2011 Roche Chartered Surveyors implement Agency Pilot
05-Sep-2011 Wakefield First upgrade Evolutive
09-Aug-2011 Buckinghamshire County Council upgrade Evolutive
05-Aug-2011 Regenerate launch new Property Search
02-Aug-2011 Chesterton Humberts expand
26-Jul-2011 Hellier Langston Upgrade to Web Edition
20-Jul-2011 Invest Essex upgrade Evolutive
06-Jul-2011 West of England Partnership upgrade Evolutive
28-Jun-2011 Cheshire upgrade Evolutive
20-Jun-2011 Solihull Council upgdade to the new version
14-Jun-2011 Sorrell opt for Agency Pilot
13-Jun-2011 North Norfolk Launch New Property Search
13-Jun-2011 Sibley Pares Implement Agency Pilot
08-Jun-2011 Cushman & Wakefield choose Agency Pilot
07-Jun-2011 Sibley Pares Choose Agency Pilot
31-May-2011 Alcium Helps Employer Engagement in the Humber
09-May-2011 Maguire Jackson in Birmingham choose Agency Pilot
04-May-2011 sbh Page & Read upgrade Agency Pilot
20-Apr-2011 Carter Jonas Install Agency Pilot
18-Apr-2011 Business Directory for Plymouth City Council
18-Apr-2011 Solihull Council Agree New Evolutive Contract
14-Apr-2011 Shopping Centre Giant BTWShiells choose Alcium
13-Apr-2011 Invest in Cumbria Upgrade to the New Evolutive
12-Apr-2011 Evolutive Chosen by County Durham Development Co
04-Apr-2011 East Riding of Yorkshire Council Upgrade
31-Mar-2011 One Telford Benefit From Upgrade
30-Mar-2011 Invest in Wiltshire Advance to New Evolutive
29-Mar-2011 Gloucestershire First Progress to New System
22-Mar-2011 Marketing Derby Choose Evolutive
01-Mar-2011 Torbay launch free property service
18-Feb-2011 Fisher German Implement Agency Pilot
17-Feb-2011 Locate in Leeds Upgrade to New Evolutive
14-Feb-2011 Jeffersons Commercial Progress to Web Edition
14-Feb-2011 North Yorkshire CC & Partners Upgrade Their System
09-Feb-2011 Agency Pilot Arrives in Guernsey
08-Feb-2011 Lancashire Councils Enjoy Latest Evolutive
28-Jan-2011 Conwy County Borough Council Enjoy Upgrade
26-Jan-2011 Shaping Norfolk’s Future Upgrade to Latest Version
25-Jan-2011 North Rae Sanders Upgrade to Web Edition
25-Jan-2011 Coventry City Council Introduce Skye
25-Jan-2011 Alcium Software Introduce New Chat Module
20-Jan-2011 North East Lincolnshire Council Move to New System
17-Jan-2011 Torbay Development Agency Launch Evolutive
17-Jan-2011 Louis Taylor Go Live With Agency Pilot
14-Dec-2010 Cummings Commercial Choose Agency Pilot
29-Nov-2010 Cheffins go Live With Agency Pilot
29-Nov-2010 Fenn Wright launch new web site
19-Nov-2010 Kemsley launch new property search
18-Nov-2010 Shropshire Council Upgrade to the New Evolutive
16-Nov-2010 Gateway to London Advance to New System
15-Nov-2010 Campsie Move to Web Edition
01-Nov-2010 Dorset & Partners Move to the New Look Evolutive
21-Oct-2010 Humber EBP Use Evolutive in a New Way
06-Oct-2010 West of England Partnership in the Driving Seat
27-Aug-2010 Evolutive Gets a Face Lift
03-Aug-2010 Vickery Holman Extend Use of Agency Pilot
16-Jul-2010 Sorrell Estates Implement Agency Pilot
15-Jul-2010 D&P Holt Upgrade to Web Edition
14-Jun-2010 Cornwall Development Company Choose Evolutive
14-Jun-2010 East Riding Expand Their Use of Evolutive
06-May-2010 Prospect Leicestershire Choose Evolutive
26-Apr-2010 Hanover Green Choose Agency Pilot
21-Apr-2010 Cooke and Arkwright Upgrade to Web Edition
01-Apr-2010 Charters Commercial Choose Agency Pilot
29-Jan-2010 Miller Metcalfe choose Agency Pilot
28-Jan-2010 NB Real Estate choose Agency Pilot
28-Jan-2010 Invest in Bradford make the move to Evolutive
19-Nov-2009 Primmer Olds choose Agency Pilot
10-Nov-2009 Dorset's Property Pilot celebrates it's 10th year
28-Oct-2009 Invest in Cumbria launch website
24-Oct-2009 E-Newsletter module popularity increases
19-Oct-2009 Duxburys Implement Agency Pilot
07-Oct-2009 Vickery Holman's web site powered by Agency Pilot
02-Oct-2009 Invest Essex expand their use of Evolutive
14-Sep-2009 Google Maps expands property search
26-Aug-2009 Coventry launch website powered by Evolutive
24-Aug-2009 Feedback Questionnaire Module
17-Aug-2009 Conwy Implement Evolutive
29-Jul-2009 Vickery Holman choose Agency Pilot
22-Jul-2009 Invest Thames Gateway launch web site
09-Jul-2009 Agency Pilot Web Editon v1.3 Released
07-Jul-2009 Transforming Telford implement Evolutive
06-Jul-2009 Currell Commercial implement Agency Pilot
01-Jul-2009 Cowan & Rutter Implement Agency Pilot Web Edition
01-Jul-2009 Lancashire Economic Parnership LEGI case study
03-Jun-2009 Robertson Brown website powered by Agency Pilot
30-May-2009 Locate in Kent ‘Best Regional Agency Worldwide’
27-May-2009 Sutton Kersh implement Agency Pilot Web Edition
18-May-2009 Douglas Duff implement Agency Pilot
04-May-2009 Sanderson Weatherall implement Agency Pilot
01-May-2009 North Lincolnshire go live with web searches
04-Apr-2009 SEEDA expand their use of Evolutive
03-Apr-2009 UK Land Website website powered by Agency Pilot
01-Apr-2009 Double sales delight for Alcium Software
31-Mar-2009 Bastin Steward Implement Agency Pilot
17-Mar-2009 Invest Thames Gateway implement Evolutive
16-Mar-2009 Robertson Brown Implement Web Edition
10-Mar-2009 Gateway to London launch On-Line Document Creator
24-Feb-2009 Eddisons Implement Agency Pilot Web Edition
11-Feb-2009 Hawkins Implement Agency Pilot Web Edition
08-Feb-2009 Invest in Norfolk engage with Agents
05-Feb-2009 Agency Pilot Web Editon v1.2d Released
13-Jan-2009 Burley Browne Implement Agency Pilot Web Edition
09-Jan-2009 Agency Pilot Desktop Version 3.1 Released
06-Jan-2009 East Riding engage with Local Agents
05-Jan-2009 Glenny LLP Implement Agency Pilot Web Edition
23-Dec-2008 Seasons Greetings 2008
11-Dec-2008 Kemsley LLP Implement Agency Pilot Web Edition
10-Dec-2008 Evolutive on the National Stage
05-Nov-2008 NT3 choose Agency Pilot Web Edition
13-Oct-2008 Great Yarmouth launch search powered by Evolutive
07-Oct-2008 Bridgend revamp their web site with Google Maps
03-Oct-2008 Barnsdales choose Agency Pilot Web Edition
01-Oct-2008 Alcium achieve positive half-year results
22-Sep-2008 UK Land Estates Implement Agency Web Edition
10-Sep-2008 Locate in Birmingham upgrade to Evolutive
08-Sep-2008 Evolutive Conference Agenda 2008
01-Sep-2008 Halls Commercial Implement Agency Web Edition
20-Aug-2008 Shropshire County Council choose Evolutive
14-Aug-2008 Commercial Agent Property Feed Launched
01-Aug-2008 Scotts implement Agency Pilot Web Edition
28-Jul-2008 Welsh Assembly upgrade to Evolutive
21-Jul-2008 Cooke & Arkwright website powered by Agency Pilot
14-Jul-2008 Louis Taylor website powered by Agency Pilot
09-Jul-2008 Google Maps a hit for Locate in Kent
09-Jun-2008 Alcium Economic Development Conference 2008
01-Jun-2008 Fenn Wright choose Agency Pilot Web Edition
15-May-2008 Caxtons website powered by Agency Pilot
21-Apr-2008 p3 launch property search powered by Agency Pilot
13-Mar-2008 CDDC Implement Evolutive
10-Mar-2008 The Kingsway Partnership Implement Agency Pilot
22-Feb-2008 Humberts puts Agency Pilot in the driving seat
07-Feb-2008 Strutt & Parker LLP Implement Agency Pilot
06-Feb-2008 Bridgend launch website powered by Evolutive
01-Feb-2008 Shaping the Future Implement Evolutive
07-Jan-2008 Cooke and Arkwright Install Agency Pilot
12-Dec-2007 p3 Property Consultants LLP Install Agency Pilot
28-Nov-2007 Kirkby & Diamond website powered by Agency Pilot
06-Nov-2007 Hanson Chartered Surveyors launch website
30-Oct-2007 Invest in Cumbria implement Evolutive
23-Oct-2007 Cowan and Rutter Install Agency Pilot
26-Sep-2007 Locate in Leeds look forward with Evolutive
24-Sep-2007 Agency Pilot Web Edition Launched
20-Sep-2007 Jeffersons website powered by Agency Pilot
19-Sep-2007 Hanson Chartered Surveyors Install Agency Pilot
10-Sep-2007 Agency Pilot version 3.0 released
20-Aug-2007 Caxtons (Uckfield) choose Agency Pilot
14-Aug-2007 West of England Partnership - Evolutive Case Study
10-Aug-2007 Kirkby & Diamond choose Agency Pilot
18-Jul-2007 Erinaceous expand the use of Agency Pilot
27-Jun-2007 More users adopt Evolutive's 'Event Manager'
01-Jun-2007 Suffolk Development Agency selects Evolutive
18-May-2007 Strettons launch new web site
08-May-2007 Mullucks Wells website powered by Agency Pilot
26-Apr-2007 Alcium lead the way with SBA
16-Apr-2007 EA Shaw choose Agency Pilot
09-Apr-2007 Caxtons choose Agency Pilot
22-Mar-2007 Ashford go live with a new property search
21-Mar-2007 Bucks CC and AVDC go live with web searches
20-Mar-2007 Alcium Software retains Investors in People
20-Mar-2007 Feather Smailes and Scales choose Agency Pilot
28-Feb-2007 Howkins & Harrison install Agency Pilot
23-Feb-2007 North Rae Sanders launch new website
22-Feb-2007 launch premises finder
08-Feb-2007 Plymouth switches to Evolutive
06-Feb-2007 Harrogate launch on-line premises finder
01-Feb-2007 Bridgend County Council selects Evolutive
24-Jan-2007 Mullucks Wells choose Agency Pilot
22-Jan-2007 Jeffersons install Agency Pilot
16-Jan-2007 Hindwoods Hunter Payne roll out Agency Pilot
07-Dec-2006 Rushton Hickman choose Agency Pilot
01-Dec-2006 Investment Enquiry Handling Evolves
24-Nov-2006 Bucks CC and Aylesbury Vale DC opt for Evolutive
23-Nov-2006 Alcium Conference 2006: A Roaring Success
23-Nov-2006 Solihull progress to Evolutive
16-Nov-2006 Alcium Economic Development Conference - 2006
10-Nov-2006 Kemsley Whiteley Ferris choose Agency Pilot
10-Nov-2006 Cooke Rudling choose Agency Pilot
01-Nov-2006 Dove Haigh Phillips choose Agency Pilot
30-Oct-2006 Brinsons take up Agency Pilot
24-Oct-2006 Bristol CC and WEP go live with Evolutive
24-Oct-2006 Irving Rice website launched
12-Oct-2006 Mason Owen choose Agency Pilot
10-Oct-2006 North East Lincs move to Evolutive
14-Sep-2006 It's speed-up time at Garness Jones
29-Aug-2006 Hellier Langston install Agency Pilot
24-Aug-2006 Eddisons website launched
22-Aug-2006 Wiltshire CC expands its use of Evolutive
17-Jul-2006 Hindwoods Hunter Payne install Agency Pilot
14-Jul-2006 Donaldsons website powered by Agency Pilot
14-Jun-2006 Campsie launch on-line property search
06-Jun-2006 Strettons implement Agency Pilot
16-May-2006 Ashford Borough Council implement Evolutive
11-May-2006 Carmarthenshire County Council implement Evolutive
27-Apr-2006 Canterbury City Council implement Evolutive
24-Apr-2006 Single Business Account(SBA) project moves forward
21-Apr-2006 North Lincolnshire Council move onto Evolutive
10-Apr-2006 Shelley Sandzer implement Agency Pilot
01-Apr-2006 Copeland choose Evolutive
28-Mar-2006 Campsie implement Agency Pilot
15-Mar-2006 Lawrence Hannah & Skelton Implement Agency Pilot
15-Mar-2006 Harbour Forum go live with Evolutive
10-Mar-2006 Sutton Kersh Commercial implement Agency Pilot
09-Mar-2006 SEEDA go live with Evolutive
09-Mar-2006 Renaissance South Yorkshire go live with Evolutive
02-Mar-2006 South Lakeland launch on-line search
01-Mar-2006 North London Business Implement Evolutive
01-Feb-2006 Hilbery Chaplin choose Agency Pilot
27-Jan-2006 Hughes Ellard launch on-line property search
26-Jan-2006 Wakefield First launch on-line property search
24-Jan-2006 West London Business launch website
23-Jan-2006 Another Region (SEEDA) Selects Evolutive
17-Jan-2006 London Development Agency move to Evolutive
10-Jan-2006 SBH select Agency Pilot
12-Dec-2005 Garness Jones Launch on-line property search
07-Dec-2005 Harrisons Chartered Surveyors install Agency Pilot
05-Dec-2005 Cumbrian Local Authorities Go Live with Evolutive
30-Nov-2005 Louis Taylor's launch new website
08-Nov-2005 On-line property search implemented for Tameside
20-Oct-2005 A Ray of Light for Cumbrian Local Authorities
14-Oct-2005 Budworth Brown choose Agency Pilot
13-Oct-2005 Warwickshire County Council opts for Evolutive
07-Oct-2005 Agency Pilot selected by Louis Taylor
03-Oct-2005 Garness Jones select Agency Pilot
01-Oct-2005 Barnsley Development Agency moves to Evolutive
29-Sep-2005 Glenny LLP select Agency Pilot
23-Sep-2005 Shepherd Chartered Surveyors select Agency Pilot
08-Sep-2005 Locate in Kent pinpoint Evolutive
07-Sep-2005 Goadsby & Harding relaunch on-line property search
06-Sep-2005 West London Business choose Evolutive
06-Sep-2005 Alcium has secured 100 Local Authority sales
30-Aug-2005 Alcium Strengthen in the Midlands
20-Aug-2005 Gloucestershire First move to Evolutive
30-Jul-2005 Wiltshire County Council adopt Evolutive
18-Jul-2005 Coventry Centre for Investment move onto Evolutive
29-Jun-2005 Alcium supply Agency Pilot to Donaldsons
20-Jun-2005 Online property database - Bury Council
07-Jun-2005 Bournemouth Dorset and Poole Economic Partnership
13-May-2005 Locate in Kent choose Evolutive from Alcium
09-May-2005 Gateway to London (GTL) choose Evolutive
05-May-2005 County's property service achieves UK-wide first
20-Apr-2005 go live with evolutive
19-Apr-2005 Kent Surveyors Watson Day Adopt Agency Pilot
01-Apr-2005 Worcestershire County Council implement Evolutive
18-Mar-2005 Wear Valley upgrade to Evolutive
02-Mar-2005 Robert Pinkus Adopt Agency Pilot
18-Feb-2005 Alcium's Evolutive installed throughout the MIDAS
16-Feb-2005 Hughes Ellard Adopt Agency Pilot
11-Jan-2005 Eddisons Commercial - Agency Pilot Installed
21-Dec-2004 MIDAS Adopt evolutive
20-Dec-2004 North Rae Sanders pre xmas install of Agency Pilot
14-Dec-2004 NAI Fuller Peiser - Egpropertylink
06-Dec-2004 Cowling & West Adopt Agency Pilot
13-Oct-2004 Duxburys Commercial install Agency Pilot
08-Oct-2004 Pennington Chartered Surveyors adopt Agency Pilot
24-Aug-2004 Saxton Mee select Agency Pilot
01-Aug-2004 Essex Regeneration Agency (ExDRA) to adopt Evoluti
26-Jul-2004 Carmarthenshire - Bi-lingual website launched
02-Jul-2004 Welsh Development Agency launch website
01-Jun-2004 Alcium helping the Olympic dream
01-Apr-2004 Lancashire West Partnership adopt Inward Pilot
30-Mar-2004 Alcium Achieve Investors in People
26-Mar-2004 Lancashire West Partnership choose Inward Pilot
23-Mar-2004 Egpropertylink joint marketing drive
20-Mar-2004 Website increases enquiries for Cheshire
17-Mar-2004 Alcium Achieve 1SO 9001:2000 quality assurance
03-Mar-2004 Redditch on-line property search is launched
04-Feb-2004 Carmarthenshire County Council adopt Inward Pilot
19-Jan-2004 Alcium Software presents evolutive
16-Jan-2004 Software Showcase
09-Dec-2003 Property Pilot Conference a Resounding Success
24-Nov-2003 PPH Commercial Choose Agency Pilot
24-Nov-2003 Web Pilot Links Yorshire Forward with partners
24-Nov-2003 Wear Valley District Council adopts Inward Pilot
24-Nov-2003 Web Pilot Links Land and Property Databases
24-Nov-2003 Cheshire CC access Inward Pilot over the internet
24-Nov-2003 Property Pilot Conference 2003
24-Nov-2003 More than just Property
23-Nov-2003 Inward Pilot Conference 2004
25-Sep-2003 Property Pilot celebration at Herts Future
02-Jan-2003 Pilot provides a real high flyer
05-Feb-2001 Screen East implement Picture Pool

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